Curb Styles

Stamped Curb

Curbify’s stamp collection was designed in house. We have one factory made stamp, and that is our stone stamp. It goes quite well with black. Other than that, we use stamps we have designed and adjusted to our preferences. There is no cost difference to roller stamp selection.

Texture Stamps

Texture stamps keep curb simple. Most houses already have many decorative features. Instead of adding too much attention to the edging, sometimes its best to keep things simple with a basic texture. We offer 3, Slate, wood and stone. Slate is usually done in multi tones to create a variation of colour. Wood helps to cover brown tones wonderfully, and stone looks great in an all black.

Embossed Stamps

Stamps with linear and well defined line styles add an extra sense of structure to the design. This works well to add complexity. If you want more style and pizzazz to your curb then this is the look for you. We offer Castlerock, Flagstone, Cobblestone, and Key


Colour selection is rather complex, and you may want some assistance. There are two sets of colours to choose from. Base colour and release colours. We can adjust the base colour of the concrete, and add highlight colours to the finish. The interaction of these colours can cause some strange results. For example brown base colours with brown releases will result in reds appearing in the finish. Best to use a brown base colour and grey release colours to adjust the tint.

Embossed stamps are usually done in two tones, a base and a single release colour. This is done to accentuate the emboss. Read more in our colours section.

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